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by Reso

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Gastroblapz 02:26
Gut Rot 04:13
Wildcard 03:41
Chuckin Up 02:30
Loshun 03:47


What could be a better way to celebrate our 2nd birthday with another banging Reso release?!

_ __ ___

Hopps felt that the new weapon had so far proved effective beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings. Every threat she had been up against had been less than no match and as she grew more comfortable piloting the thing, the rest of the Slime Militia's arsenal seemed increasingly obsolete. She did not feel entirely comfortable with the power she wielded - having the power to level cities in an afternoon was a little tough to rationalise - but orders were orders, and her training had been thorough.

Her comms buzzed with an incoming transmission.

“Lieutenant, we’ve received a distress signal from one of our refuelling facilities on the southern continent. We couldn’t get details on the threat before their communications went down completely. Please investigate immediately, we’re transmitting the coordinates now.”

“Message received, en route now.”

She flipped a few switches, bringing the machine airbourne and rearranging the exterior panels in to a more aerodynamic formation. She accelerated into the upper atmosphere and began to head south toward the now dark facility.
Once she was within a few hundred kilometers she dropped down closer to the surface, skimming just above the treetops to hopefully avoid any enemy scans that might pick up her arrival. She could already see huge plumes of black smoke winding up into the sky; nothing good had happened here. As she got closer she couldn’t detect any life signs, or suspect heat signatures, so she came to land in the centre of the Militia stronghold. The entire place was a ruin; every building had been completely destroyed with just piles of rubble outlining what must have previously been quite an extensive refueling operation. She had no idea what could cause this level of destruction.
Her motion sensor feed started flashing red, an alarm going off in the cockpit. She wheeled around to locate where the new movement was coming from. A large stack of rubble began to shift and slide, and a gigantic machine much like hers pulled itself in to a full standing position bringing an array of terrifying weapons to bear. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She thought she was piloting a one of a kind. Her memory flashed back to Dr. Zee’s cryptic words,

“…I can’t wait until it meets the other one…”

Whilst caught in the memory and panic, her HUD lit up with weapon lock warnings, alarms blaring, and within seconds multiple missiles struck the torso of her machine, completely crippling one arm and causing some serious damage to the armored fuselage that protected the GasPod pilot. She rocketed straight up into the sky to try and gain some distance whilst radioing back to her commanding officer. The other machine was close behind her, just seconds away from unleashing another volley of missiles in her direction.
Her comms channel clicked open, “What is it Lieutenant?”

She gasped for air through the panic, and screamed, “There’s another one!”

“What do you mean another one?” barked the voice on the other end of the line.

“Another machine, another one of these things. It got the jump on me, I’m not sure I can--”

The line went dead. The general stood in a dark war room screaming at the communications officer to get the line back. There was nothing they could do, the machine was lost, and who knows what could be next.



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